South Africa’s favourite trail-running export, Ryan Sandes, created Red Bull LionHeart back in 2012. He wanted to showcase what fine trails his backyard has to offer, and formalise (without compromising its core roots, of course) #TamingTheLion, the underground time-trial from the guard hut at the bottom of Cape Town’s iconic Lion’s Head, to the top.

AJ Calitz is two-time defending champion. He reclaimed the title in 2013 by smashing his pervious record with a time of 26:46 minutes (up and down) the 3,7km route. While Landie Greyling owned the women’s race.

In 2014, AJ Calitz set a new record with a time of 25:54. Landie Greyling won the women’s elite race with a time of 33:58

TomTom Runner cardio winners!

For those of you who registered to run with the
TomTom Runner Cardio watch and tweet your Red Bull Lion Heart
performance using the hashtag #TomTomLH.
Here are the winners of the 10 watches:

Megan ​Leslie
Michael De kwaadsteniet
Nicholas Lykiardopulos
Phil Hulse
Rorry Scheffer
Ruan Myburg
Samantha Orrey
Stefan Vahl
Hannarie le Roux
Stephan Kirsten