From Race Director Ryan Scott: This year, we have changed the format so have a look, get qualified on Strava, and we’ll see you on race day Sat the 21st of October at 8:30am. There will be three separate races on Sat morning: Women’s, Men’s Intermediate and Men’s Elite. To qualify, you need to run the Strava route on your own time before Friday 13th October. The top 100 men and top 30 women will be contacted and invited to compete on race day.

  • On race day the top 100 men will be evenly assigned (depending on qualifier time) to one of 4 groups of 25 to run the up and down route once against the clock. Every one of the 100 which goes under the Cut Off Time of 38minutes will make it through to the next round.

Let’s assume 44 make it under 38minutes. The top 22 will now race as Elites and the bottom 22 as Intermediates.

  • Intermediates will race first in a 3 leg knockout where the field gets halved from 22 to 11 in the first leg. 9min break then the 11 will halve again to 6, another 9min break and they will run their final for first second and third.
  • The women will follow where 30 qualifiers from Strava will all race in two semi final heats. The top half in each heat will progress to the final which will be held later in the day. Women’s competition will not run the qualification against the clock segment, but will go straight into top 30 on race day. So on race day Sat, all women who make the final will have run twice up and down the mountain.
  • The Elite men will race next in same format as the Intermediates. So at the end of race day Sat, if runners make it to the final of Elites or Intermediates, they will have run 4 times up and down. Once against the clock and 3 times in the group knockout phase with a miserly 6mins rest between the 3 heats.

Other important information:

  • The qualifier segment will take place via Strava at any time by anybody until 12 Midnight on 13 October 2017 and serves as the qualifier for the race.
  • The qualifier is a one-way up course and can be found on Strava under the segment title: Red Bull LionHeart qualifier route 2017
  • To be eligible to qualify for race day, you will need to first run the qualifier and then register on The Strava qualifying time will automatically show the runner’s position on the qualifiers board, which will continuously update as an indication of those eligible for the Race on 21 October 2017.
  • If the Race Director suspects a dishonest qualification attempt, the Race Director reserves the right to remove that time from the qualification board.
  • You may attempt to qualify as many times as you wish. You may only qualify via Strava and only via your own Strava profile.
  • The race day route is a designated trail from the boom at the start of the trail to the top, bypassing the chains, through the Red Bull arch at the top and back down with or without taking time to admire the view. The down route skips the chains again and bolts back to the boom to complete the route the same way as the ascent.
  • Heats on race day will be decided upon at the race directors discretion, with recovery left up to the racers themselves, assisted by a Red Bull or two.
  • No contact to be made by runners on other runners and no falling off the mountain is allowed. Runner’s etiquette, of letting a faster runner pass, should apply if it is obvious the runner behind wishes to pass. If a runner does try and pass, the front-runner may not block the passing runner, but can simply run faster to keep the pass at bay.



How do I enter?

Anyone can enter Red Bull LionHeart. To enter, download the Strava application onto your phone. Navigate to the Segment Explorer section of the application and find the Red Bull Lion Heart 2017 Qualifier Route segment and then time your run using the Strava app on your cellphone.

Once you have run the qualifier route, submit your entry form on the website. Please note: You may only submit your entry form if you’ve run the qualifier route after 8 August 2017 and until 12 Midnight on Friday 13 October 2017.

How do I know if I qualify?

The top 100 men and 30 women on the segment leaderboard will qualify for the event on 21 October 2017.

Do I need any special gear?

The only specialised equipment you will need to run with is the Heart-of-a-Lion and the race number which will be provided when you register on the day.

Does the fastest time win?

No. The winner is the fastest up and down between the last two standing. Timing is the criteria used to pick the finalists from the qualifiers. From then on it will be a knock out format.

Is there a rest phase once runners reach the top?

No. The route is an unbroken loop up and down. Once passing through the Red Bull archway at the highest point of LionsHead, it’s right back down with no rest at all.

What does it cost to enter?

The cost to enter is one LionHeart in your chest and zero cents or rands. There will be a donation opportunity at registration to Sanparks which we highly recommend you get involved with.

I can’t find the segment on Strava?

Navigate to the Segment Explorer section of the application and find the Red Bull LionHeart qualifier route 2017 segment and then time your run using the Strava app on your cellphone.

I only see the Red Bull LionHeart TT route 2013 segment

That’s the incorrect segment. You will need to look for the Red Bull Lion Heart 2017 Qualifier Route

I don’t have a smartphone

Borrow one from a friend, alternatively we can lend you one for the run. Please tweet at @redbullza or submit your query to

I use a GPS watch

That’s fine, you can upload the data to Strava after your run.

I have another question that’s not listed above.

Please tweet your question to @redbullza – or you can mail