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To be eligible to qualify for the 2016 event, you will need to register, download the Strava application and set your pace on the route.

Navigate to the Segment Explorer section of the application and find the Red Bull LionHeart qualifier route 2016 and set your pace. The top 100 men and 30 women will qualify for the 2016 event.

Your route time will be automatically displayed on the leaderboard.

View the Mens and Womens leaderboards below.


The 2016 qualifier route starts at the Lions Head boom and runs a circular route, clockwise, around the base of Lions Head. Runners do not climb to the top of Lions Head for the qualifier and continue to complete a circular loop around the base.

View the Red Bull LionHeart qualifier route 2016 on Strava


Rank Pic Name Time Speed
1Forrest Gonzalez17.985.44/km
2Nathan Byren18.635.64/km
3Matúš Bakoš19.755.98/km
4Gaël de Mondragon20.256.13/km
5Ron Read20.456.19/km
6Stephan Kistner21.436.49/km
7David Metelerkamp23.987.26/km
8Santiago COTA24.227.33/km
9Jamie Marais24.87.51/km
10Duncan Wynne24.857.52/km
11Andre Pienaar25.187.62/km
12Adriaan Rowan25.777.8/km
13Alistair Marais26.628.06/km
14Wouter Viljoen26.78.08/km
15Mathew Barrow27.178.22/km
16Johan De Klerk28.778.71/km
17Jarret Johnson30.739.3/km
18David Ct30.889.35/km
19Matthew Shield31.639.57/km
20Richard Price33.310.08/km
21Werner Claase33.6210.17/km
22Abdul Basit Oldey35.310.68/km
23Anton Torlutter38.311.59/km
24Digby Ryder40.7312.33/km
25Stephan Hambsch41.612.59/km
26Tim Sneep46.9814.22/km


Rank Pic Name Time Speed
1Sabrina Kondelis29.658.97/km
2Kristen Tittley31.029.39/km
3Amy Louw43.8513.27/km
4Stephanie De Villiers47.7714.46/km